Blue Bike Books

Humor and trivia may not seem all that important but who among us can resist reading little factoids or funny anecdotes. Such simple things can put a ray of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy day and make our load seem just a little lighter.

At Blue Bike Books, humor and trivia are serious business. Well, okay they’re not really all that serious—but we like making books about them anyway.

Produced with the assistance of the Government of Alberta.

We acknowledged the financial support of the Government of Canada.
Nous reconnaissons l’appui financier du gouvernement du Canada.


The mandate of Blue Bike Books is to create entertaining titles that inform readers about the ordinary and unusual aspects of the places they live in and the world around them. We focus on creating books that

  • inform readers about aspects of life and history in Canada and the United States;
  • educate both young and adult readers about science and nature;
  • present material in a lighthearted, humorous style;
  • entertain and are accessible to a wide range of readers.

Our books for younger readers use greater illustrative content than our adult books and present factual information in an easy-to-read, entertaining style.

Blue Bike Books’ title list currently includes not only regional trivia books (Weird Edmonton), but also nonfiction books for YA readers (Gross and Disgusting Things About the Human Body) and books of a more scientific (Weird Canadian Weather) and historical (e.g., Christmas Carols: The Stories Behind the Songs) nature for the trivia market. We have also published a number of titles in the lifestyle and culinary genres (For the Love of Chocolate) targeted to a more upscale, mature market. We also have two new series of children’s titles: Mega Machines and Super Explorers.